Sweetheart, Talk To Me ! (Book)

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If, despite the love that binds them, man and woman have difficulty in dialogue, it is because the woman sees communication in terms of intimate bonds and emotional expression, while the man communicates to achieve goals. accurate and convey information. The men make speeches, the women exchange.

To improve the relationship, the author introduces women to ten effective rules they can use to better understand the male world to help men communicate better and more about their inner life. Numerous concrete examples, drawn from his professional practice, illustrate each of the rules. This book also allows men to get to know each other better and better understand the desire for communication of their female partners.

Honey, talk to me! is a book that attempts to end the war between the sexes by offering a better knowledge and a better acceptance of our differences in order to establish an intimate and accomplice bond between two beings who want to love each other.

This book presents, in the first part, all the biological, psychological and behavioral differences that exist between men and women and which are often sources of conflict or mutual incomprehension. Part 2 lists ten rules or strategies that women can use to bridge the communication gap caused by differences between the two sexes. Men also benefit from reading this book to better understand a woman’s great need for verbal communication and her own way of expressing it.

Written in a clear style and accessible language, this book is for couples and singles alike looking for someone to love. Yvon Dallaire goes directly to the heart of the communication difficulties encountered by couples today and offers simple and effective tools to overcome them.

Published by Éditions Option Santé, the content of this book is based on the most recent discoveries in the differential psychology of the sexes and modern neuropsychology.

Improving communication between men and women, as a couple and in society

Adults and couples